Is there a world post-Kubernetes?

Red-figure bell-krater depicting Orestes visiting Delphi to request help from Apollo and Athena, 4th century BC, via the British Museum, London

Today I’m going to gaze into my crystal ball, and try to imagine a world post-Kubernetes. No! Martin! Say it ain’t so, K8s is here to stay and is the future of the cloud! Well, that may be the case, but I have some opinions

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WASM could just be magic

WebAssembly (WASM), is a bytecode format that originally derived from asm.js (a subset of JavaScript that is extremely strictly typed with a very small subset of instructions). The point? It’s fast, near-native fast because it can do away with the overhead of a massive JavaScript interpreter to run the code.

Because WASM is so small, it can be made the target for compilation from a variety of other languages (most notably, Rust, Go, AssemblyScript, C and C++). Much like other byte code-interpreted languages like Java or .Net, just this time in the browser (and server-side).

That’s caused some pretty cool proof-of-concepts where folks have ported Quake and other software straight into the browser through compiling the C-source code into WASM.

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